Volunteers don’t get paid not because they’re worthless, but because they are priceless

Clif Ford

Clif Ford

Sherry Anderson has been quoted as saying, “Volunteers don’t get paid not because they’re worthless, but because they are priceless.” How true that is for our organization. Volunteers are priceless because without them we would have no program at all. All of our many tutors are volunteers. All of our board members are volunteers. All of our tutor-trainers are volunteers. All who participate in and plan our special events are volunteers. We simply would not have a mission without volunteers giving their time, their gifts, their resources. I never like to single out volunteers because each month so many people volunteer in so many different ways that are crucial and meaningful. But this month I need to highlight two of our volunteers who have given so much to advance our program.

The first is Samantha Friedman, who chaired our “Shine a Light Event.” Though she had many, many volunteers helping her with this wonderful and successful evening, she was the person who coordinated the entire event. There is no way to even estimate the hours she gave to this event and continues to give as we wrap up all the details. This is the second year she has chaired the event.

The second person we need to thank is Neil Jones, who has become a full-time volunteer as our “Associate Executive Director.” In this capacity Neil will be responsible for Strategic Planning, Marketing, Program Development, Program Administration, Fundraising, Policies and Procedures, Legal Compliance, and Operations of our IT infrastructure. As you can tell, he is going to be a very busy man. Neil has great experience in all of these areas. We welcome him to our program and are thankful for the gifts he brings and the tremendous time he is offering. Neil has already given much time and effort to the development of our new website.

We thank these two individuals for all they have given and will give to further our mission. But please also remember that all of our volunteers, all of you, are priceless to our program!

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