• Help us change lives,

    one word at a time.

    145,000 adults
    in Central Arkansas
    cannot read this sentence
  • Where are the adults who cannot read?

    Help us build a stronger community
    through literacy.

    Adults who can read are
    more likely to have full time jobs
    with higher pay.
  • Arkansas Governor's Mansion
    1800 Center Street
    Little Rock, AR 72206

    September 16, 2016
    6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Help us spread hope for the future.

    Strengthen families
    through literacy.

    The Number 1 factor
    in childhood literacy
    is whether a parent
    can read to their child.
  • Help us build a stronger community

    through literacy.

    Many of the immigrants
    in Central Arkansas
    do not speak English
    very well or at all.

Literacy is our most critical skill…

It can mean the difference between a life well lived and a life of hardship. Unfortunately, more than 93 million Americans read at or below a basic level—with 145,000 in Central Arkansas alone struggling with basic literacy skills that most of us take for granted.

Teaching an adult to read has a profound and lasting impact on their ability to function successfully within our community by improving their ability to find and retain family supporting jobs, engage in family literacy activities, and help make informed decisions that will ensure healthy lives.

Since 1986, Literacy Action has worked with volunteer literacy tutors to provide basic literacy and English language instruction to thousands of adults in Central Arkansas. Our success depends on the support of individuals and organizations that believe that literacy has the power to build and transform communities. We invite you to become engaged by learning more about the adult literacy issue, volunteering as a literacy tutor or by making a donation.

We cannot do it without YOU! Please make a gift TODAY and help us continue the fight against illiteracy in our community and improve the lives of our students one word at a time. Your gifts help Literacy Action thrive, grow, and serve more of the 145,000 students in the Central Arkansas area that cannot read.